Alaska – It’s the most wonderful time of the year for bear viewing. Currently, bears across Alaska have broken out of hibernation, beginning their pursuit of feasting on prey and growing their bellies. One of the best spots for tourists to check out bears in their natural habitats is Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park. At this quaint waterfall, brown bears are frequently seen hanging out while they hunt for salmon. Sometimes, they can go full send to catch salmon.

In the video below, the brown bear is seen eyeing some fish from the top of Brooks Falls. In an attempt to catch a fish, the bear decides to go free falling into the water below. The jump bears resemblance (pun unfortunately intended) to the belly flop. For those who don’t know, a belly flop is a painful move for humans who are jumping into a pool or lake and want to splash everyone around them.

To see the latest bear action from Brooks Falls, check out the live stream from below.

Image/Video Credits: US Interior/

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