Colorado's December 2023 wolf reintroduction.

GRAND COUNTY, Colorado – The first confirmed gray wolf pup was born in Colorado since the voter-approved reintroduction in December of 2023. According to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), confirmed reproduction means the wolves are officially considered a pack, named the Copper Creek Pack.

CPW biologists noticed that a collared female’s GPS points stopped uploading early in April, uploading again later in the month in a localized position. Because of the lack of change in position and the lack of uploads, biologists believed the wolf was likely inside a den. As further evidence supported this conclusion, CPW staff worked to confirm whether there were any pups.

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The confirmation occurred during routine wolf monitoring efforts, which included attempted observations from the air and ground, remote cameras, public sightings, etc. There are no photos or videos at this time.” – CPW

Only one pup has been confirmed, but it’s entirely possible that there are more. Most wolf litters consist of 4-6 pups. CPW will continue to monitor the site to determine if any more are present.

We are continuing to actively monitor this area while exercising extreme caution to avoid inadvertently disturbing the adult wolves, this pup, or other pups.” – CPW Wildlife Biologist Brenna Cassidy

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