There was some sad news that Vail Ski Resort reported yesterday, as Henry, who was their first-ever patrol dog, passed away after fifteen years of servicing the massive mountain. He was the pioneer of Vail’s avalanche rescue dog program, which grew substantially during his tenure. He is survived by his handler: Chris “Mongo” Reeder, who is the Director of the Ski Patrol at Vail.

I imagine that it’s a hard-to-stomach feeling for them, as dogs are truly man’s best friend. My parents have a dog, and she’s getting up there in age. I always have a hard time thinking about the sadness I’ll feel when she’s gone. We send our condolences to Vail during their period of mourning. Vail’s official statement is down below.

It’s with heavy hearts we share the news that our beloved friend Henry is no longer with us after fifteen loyal years. Henry pioneered Vail Mountain’s avalanche rescue dog program along with his handler, Chris “Mongo” Reeder, Director of Vail Mountain Ski Patrol. Henry leaves a legacy here at Vail Mountain, and his reassuring presence will be missed.

Henry stands tall in our hearts and represents a commitment to mountain safety matched by our dedicated mountain professionals. We’ll miss our loyal friend, but his legacy lives on in each and every operator that works to make Vail Mountain safe for us to enjoy.”

Image/Video Credits: Vail Ski Resort

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