These Nimble Little Sno-Karts Operate Like Skid Steers

These Nimble Little Sno-Karts Operate Like Skid Steers

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These Nimble Little Sno-Karts Operate Like Skid Steers


“Snow vehicles like go-kart but no asphalt, no noise, no pollution.”

Pretty neat bit of snow tech out of Austria that employs dual joystick controls like a Bobcat Skid Steer. Basically your legs sit in front of you like a kayak and the propulsion and steering are powered by dual tracks in back. Could be a cool addition to any ski resort looking to expand on snow activity options with a quick learning curve for beginners, small operational space requirement and minimal noise creation (electric motor). No unit price specified but if you’re interested in buying a fleet for a resort or one for personal use INQUIRE HERE.

Bobsla GmbH, Tirol-based startup develops e-vehicles for inclusion people the snow resorts – both those who are sportive and those who do not have skills or abilities.

For winter season 2019/2020 we offer Bobsla for winter sport, similar to a go-kart on the snow: Our solution is 4-5 Bobsla machines plus spare batteries plus charging station plus the time measuring systems. Only small snow surface (like 50 to 100 meters), 220 V electricity and one assistant are needed to entertain your guests.Bobsla courses and races would serve as an alternative to traditional activity offerings at ski resorts, hotels and other destinations. Unlike skiing and snowboarding, Bobsla-ing doesn’t require a hill and can be enjoyed on a relatively small patch of flat snow, somewhere between 50 to 100 m (164 to 328 feet) long. It doesn’t have the steep learning curve of those other sports, as it’s designed to be learned on the fly after a quick on-snow rundown of controls and operation.
Bobsla is more affordable than any other e-snowmobiles – according to calculations, winter resort repays investments of Bobsla Park back in one season offering Bobsla ride for just € 20 ticket.

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