Sometimes I wish I was born about 40 years earlier than I actually was.

Not because I’m afraid of the impending climate crisis, the political discord currently ravaging our country, or because the Pittsburgh Steelers were amazing in the 1970s, but because I wish I could have witnessed the “Golden Age of Skiing”.

I would have loved to experience the rapid growth of the bustling ski towns/resorts across the American west, and join in as people flocked from all over the world. This promo video made by Steamboat in the 1970s captures that vibe perfectly. 

I’m always amazed at how little clothing the skiers of yesteryear used to wear… Were they always cold, or did they literally have thicker skin than us? Skiers in promo videos these days are layered up with heavy-duty Gore-Tex and base layers. These guys and gals seems to just have on a heavy sweater and cowboy hats. So confusing… 😂

Side note: Can ski resorts start investing some of their marketing budget into making catchy jingles again, please? Who cares about social media/influencers when you can write a banger of a song that will get stuck in everybody’s head? Just saying…