Why You Should Visit Independently Owned Ski Areas In 2020-2021

Why You Should Visit Independently Owned Ski Areas In 2020-2021


Why You Should Visit Independently Owned Ski Areas In 2020-2021


I’m going to assume that many of you have scrolled by countless advertisements for up-scale ski resorts. These resorts boast huge stats, beautiful weather, luxurious accommodations… and a hefty price tag.

They’re also flooded every weekend with enough people to give me heart palpitations. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to take every step possible to avoid large crowds this season

2020 seems to be the perfect year to check out locally-owned resorts.

Here’s why:

1. it’s cheap!

How much do you pay for a daily pass at a big-box resort? My guess is anywhere from $100-$200/day. With the Indy Pass, you get 2 days of skiing at more than 50 resorts, for only $199… It’s a no-brainer right? The Indy Pass gives you the perfect excuse to plan that cross-country skiing road trip.

Indy Pass | 50+ Resorts ❄️ 100+ Days ❄️ $199 ❄️ Now On Sale

2. Easy access

The Indy Pass resorts are spread throughout the country, but most of them aren’t hard to get to.

Check out how close these Indy Pass resorts are to these major cities.

*Drive times shown from city’s major airport*

Boston (Logan International Airport)

Cannon Mountain, NH: 2 Hours

Mountain Info - Cannon Mountain

Courtesy: Cannon Mountain

Berkshire East, MA: 2.5 Hours

Magic Mountain, VT: 3 Hours

Chicago (Chicago O’Hare International Airport)

Swiss Valley, MI: 2.5 Hours

Tyrol Basin, WI: 2.5 Hours

Tyrol Basin Ski & Snowboard Area | Travel Wisconsin

Tyrol Basin’s Terrain Parks- Courtesy: Travel Wisconsin

Granite Peak, WI: 4 Hours

Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City International Airport)

Beaver Mountain, UT: 2 Hours

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort - Map, Weather & Information - Ski Utah

Beaver Mountain- Courtesy: Ski Utah

White Pine Ski Area, WY: 4 Hours

Snow King Mountain, WY: 5 Hours

San Francisco (San Francisco International Airport)

China Peak, CA: 4 Hours

Mt. Shasta Ski Park, CA: 4.5 Hours

Seattle (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)

Hurricane Ridge, WA: 3 Hours

We Are Now Open – Hurricane Ridge Ski And Snowboard Area

Courtesy: Hurricane Ridge

Mission Ridge, WA: 3 Hours

Hoodoo, OR: ~5 Hours

Washington D.C. (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)

Bryce Resort, VA: 2 Hours

Massanutten Resort, VA: 2.5 Hours

Canaan Valley, WV: 3 Hours

Cabins near Canaan Valley skiing | Golden Anchor Cabins

Canaan Valley- Courtesy: Golden Anchor Cabins

3. Support local businesses

Everybody knows that locally-owned businesses are getting hit the hardest from Covid-19. That’s exactly why you should check out independently owned ski resorts this season. Every skier visit at a local mountain keeps money circulating in the local community.

We need the “local hills” to keep operating. Let’s dedicate this season to those who keep pushing through adversity, and let’s support them by… SKIING!

4. avoid crowds

I understand that creating a post about “unknown” ski resorts will certainly draw more attention to them. However, the resorts on The Indy Pass tend to be overlooked by the well-known resorts, and I doubt one blog is going to drastically change visits on the season.

With that in mind, check out these awesome resorts on The Indy Pass that get overlooked because of a neighboring resort.

Red Lodge Mountain

Red Lodge Mountain is an excellent choice if you’re looking to ski Montana without the crowds at Big Sky. Remember when Red Lodge got absolutely slammed by a fall snowstorm last year?

Snow King Mountain

Snow King is physically located in the town of Jackson, Wyoming, so you can probably guess which mountain resort tends to draw the crowds. If you’re going to visit Jackson anyways, why not get some great skiing in at a less crowded resort?

Black Mountain Ski Area

Black Mountain is not as well-known as its neighbors, but that doesn’t make Black anything to scoff at. Enjoy 1,000+ of vertical and no lift lines. You can’t ask for much more on the east coast.

Featured Image Courtesy: Indy Pass

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