A Handful Of Ski Resorts Are REOPENING During Pandemic

A Handful Of Ski Resorts Are REOPENING During Pandemic

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A Handful Of Ski Resorts Are REOPENING During Pandemic


A handful of ski resorts in China, the Czech Republic, and Norway have reopened after closing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. OnTheSnow.com reports reopened resorts are operating with new restrictions including requiring medical-quality face masks and a medical health certificate to ski (China), no rental equipment (Norway), single person poma-style only lift access with social distancing practices required in lift lines (Czech Republic) and contactless payment and limited numbers of ticket sales/people on the slopes (Everywhere).

 Ål Skisenter, Norway

Praděd Ski Resort, Czech Republic

Guangzhou and Kunming Indoor Ski Centres, China

Here is a post by Praděd Ski Resort in the Czech Republic explaining the reopening:

“According to the new government regulation of 6.4., it is possible to run skiing and snowboarding in public natural sports places – which we meet – as well. But only on the necessary condition of all the government regulations regarding Covid-19. We have very carefully considered our options and found out that we are able to comply with this regulation for SKAL skiers, surrounding skiers of the region. ESPECIALLY due to the fact that bus transport is STOPPED and only a limited number of cars will reach the hill within the CAPACITY parking lot. We are not inviting anyone here, only and just saying, according to the government’s order that we are able to run lift operation under these conditions. When transport is allowed to one person and in gloves all the time on the weaser and with a cover and min. 2 m spacing on the platform. We believe that those who will make it happy. We wish everyone else good health and a nice Easter. ps: in violation of new transport conditions, the operator of the premises is entitled to exclude skiers violating the regulation from transport to lift, without compensation.”


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