Mysterious monolith appears in Bellvue, Colorado.

BELLVUE, Colorado – Yet another mysterious shiny metal monolith has appeared in the United States, this time near Bellvue, Colorado. While the new monolith shares the shiny and reflective complexion of many of the other monoliths (including the one that recently appeared in the Las Vegas area), the new one appears wider than previous iterations.

The cause of the Bellvue monolith is yet to be known for sure, though one Redditor claims that it was built in order to mess with a local homeowner who believes in conspiracies and aliens. Other possible causes mentioned in a different thread include a discreet marketing campaign for the Tesla Cyber Truck, an artist trying to make money, and, of course, aliens.

The monolith trend really kicked off in 2020, with sightings including one on Utah BLM land, one in Romania, and one on a Colorado ski resort. It’s been dormant since then, but it appears the one in Vegas may have renewed it.

If this one really is just a neighbor messing with a local conspiracy theorist, then I’m 100% behind it. It’s on private property, so if it’s just the landowners having some fun, unlike the others where they’ve appeared on public land, then I can get behind it. If it’s still just some obnoxious PR stunt or an artist being annoying, then I’m no where near behind it.

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