Internet Sounds Off On Bode Miller Over "Enforcing Consequences" On Son

Internet Sounds Off On Bode Miller Over "Enforcing Consequences" On Son

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Internet Sounds Off On Bode Miller Over "Enforcing Consequences" On Son


Bode Miller, the Olympic and World Championship gold medalist, and a two-time overall World Cup champion is catching some flack on IG for teaching his son a valuable life lesson.

Bode posted to Instagram:

“After quitting on his soccer team during his first game of the year, I let him run the hill. Enforcing consequences isn’t my favorite part of parenting, but learning from them is important.

This was about so much more than a game of soccer. It’s about teaching our kids never to quit.

For those who are concerned, the hill running was his idea. He said he didn’t run during the game. This kid is next level. #prouddad”

This post has been getting some heat from people who we are venturing to guess do not have gold medals and may or may not have kids of their own such as acandage92 who chimed in,

“This is actually insane. Kids are they’re own people that are growing into adulthood. They are not your vessel to fulfill your own personal expectations. Get it through your thick skulls that your kid will not be a pro athlete or a Harvard graduate and that is perfectly fine. As long as they are good people. Raising them this way can cause extreme resentment and serious emotional development issues”

Others came to the defense of Bode like imjusacoach11 who posted

“I taught my son whatever he joins he cannot quit and will be at every practice or event when season ended and if he didn’t want to go back I wanted to know why and then what he was going to do instead – at age 29 my son has only had 3 jobs only leaving to better his career and he hardly ever misses work”

Or skihunny who said,

“All the bitching about this tactic shows the difference between Olympic level tough vs. Everyone gets a trophy.”


So there you have it. What do you think? 

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