The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch nonprofit known for its work in cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, recently installed a $750k+ machine in Los Angeles’ Ballona Creek back in October.

The Interceptor 007 is designed to stop thousands of pounds of trash from entering the ocean.

Los Angeles experienced their first major rain event recently, and the Interceptor 007 was called into action for the first time.

It managed to stop 35,000 pounds of waste from entering the ocean in just a matter of a few days.

Check out the full video from The Ocean Cleanup below:

The Ocean Cleanup: Interceptor 007 is operational in Ballona Creek, LA County, and the first rains of the storm season have arrived – bringing the first flushes of plastic waste. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated:

See how Interceptor 007 handled its first real-life test (and how a few teething problems were solved) and listen to the reactions of LA County residents to how The Ocean Cleanup is helping reduce plastic pollution in their community.

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