^Product Image Credit: VOORMI

I’m going to be blunt here right off the bat. I had never heard of VOORMI before a rep reached out to me about trying out some of their gear. I was a little bit skeptical, considering I pride myself on knowing brands in the outdoors/skiing industries, but boy was I surprised with their products.

Here’s a little bit of context on VOORMI to get you up to speed.

The brand uses responsibly engineered, high-quality merino wool for all of its products. Wool is naturally moisture-wicking, and regulates temperature extremely well. It’s also environmentally-friendly as it only takes 90 to decompose in a landfill.

“No doubt, the world around us is evolving faster than ever.  Ten years ago, no one would have dreamed that we’d be hitching rides from our cell phones, checking the weather on watches, or passing ‘charging stations’ on the highway.  Yet, in all of this progress, what we still had yet to see was any meaningful change in the clothing we wear.  We built this company to change that.”

“90 days vs. 90 years. That’s the difference in how long it takes for wool to break down in a landfill vs. polyester. Stack on the micro-plastic impact of a typical polyester fleece garment (yes, even the recycled ones), and there’s a lot of good reasons to think about natural fibers as the future sustainable of apparel.”

After learning more about the VOORMI brand, I was excited to get my hands on the goods. I was curious- Could merino wool really be a viable option for outdoor recreation?

Yes. The answer was undoubtedly yes.

Men’s Diversion Hoodie- $269

The Diversion  Hoodie is probably my favorite outwear garment that I currently own. I’m not joking.

This thing has gotten me through rain storms, snow storms, long brisk dog walks, quick grocery store trips, and everything in between. It has quickly become my go-to outwear option.

I love the hoodie’s breathability. I’ve worn it in temps as warm as 55 degrees F, and as low as 20 degrees F. I run pretty hot, so you can take that as you will.

I was extremely surprised by the Diversion Hoodie’s ability to wick away moisture. I got caught in a brief, but extremely wet, snow squall while I was in Whitefish, MT back in January. I was outside for a solid 10-15 minutes, and I barely got wet at all.

Not too shabby for a hoodie made from wool, right?

^Product Image Credit: VOORMI

I’d recommend this hoodie for anybody looking for a garment that has that perfect weight for all winter conditions. It’s great for walking around town, or running a quick errand in your car.

The Diversion Hoodie is also a fantastic choice as a mid-layer for the backcountry enthusiast. It will keep you warm without causing you to overheat, and will wick away a significant amount of moisture if it starts to snow or rain.

Unofficial Rating: 10/10

Men’s Long Sleeve Base Layer Crew- $119

The Long Sleeve Base Layer Crew is the ultimate base layer for every skier and snowboarder. The garment is extremely light-weight, but provides heavy-weight warmth with impressive breathability.

I love wearing this garment as a base layer under my shell jacket on moderately-warm days out on the mountain. I’ve found it’s perfect for keeping in heat, but it’s still not too warm on those 25-degree to 35 degree F days.

^Product Image Credit: VOORMI

I’ve also used this just a shirt when I’m heading out around town. It’s got a great all-day feel, and looks really nice with pair of jeans.

The Base Layer Crew has become one of my go-to base layers no matter the conditions on the mountain. Adding a skin-tight Under Armor-style layer underneath it for colder days makes for a perfect combo.

I’d recommend this shirt to any outdoor-enthusiast looking for a technical layer to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s great for skiing and snowboarding, but could definitely be used in hiking, snowshoeing, hunting, and more.

Unofficial Rating: 10/10

^Product Image Credit: VOORMI

VOOMI is not paying me for this extremely positive review.

They did send me the gear for free, but I wasn’t given any incentive to write a positive review. I just genuinely loved their products. It’s rare that a brand can impress me this much, but again, it’s that damn good.

I appreciate that VOORMI is taking steps to create sustainably-sourced clothing right here in Colorado. Their mission is respectable, and their clothing is awesome.

Check out more about their products here. I highly recommend them!