When it comes to horror movies, there are two truly classic villains. These would be, of course, be Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street series and Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th films. These two slashers have become such pop culture icons that even people who haven’t seen these films will likely be familiar with these ghastly maniacs.

Both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were introduced in the 1980s. Since then, there has been a debate as to which slasher is superior. While this is no doubt interesting, let’s pose a better question: who would be a better skier, Freddy or Jason?

Freddy Krueger has a more slender and lean build compared to Jason. If you look at some of the scenes in his films, he is definitely more quick and agile than Jason. He moves swiftly with a little more grace than the lumbering Voorhees. In addition, some of his antics are exceptionally creative. We could see Krueger really being an impressive park or freestyle skier so he can utilize that agility and creativity. It is safe to assume he could probably snap off sweet moves in the bumps too. An obvious issue would be gripping the ski poles with his right hand as he wears a glove with gnarly claws on it. Maybe he could just ski with one pole.

Jason Voorhees is certainly the more powerful of the two slashers. Sure, he might be bigger and slower than Freddy, but there is no doubt he is stronger. We could see Jason laying down some serious trenches on a groomer. Jason would certainly be the kind of guy to want to keep the skis on the snow and won’t be sending or spinning off jumps. That said, if things get icy or hardpacked, this powerful villain definitely has the legs to ski hard. He is the sort of guy to be able to ski from the first chair to 4:00 PM. His signature hockey mask would also be quite effective on super cold or windy days, it is also sun protection and but likely would not pass as a COVID face covering.

While both slashers would be competent skiers, we have to give the edge to Freddy Krueger. While Jason Voorhees is a powerhouse who could charge groomers and ice hard all day long, Krueger’s agility and creativity give him the upper hand. Freddy’s smooth movements and quickness can really pay dividends on the slopes, assuming there are no mishaps with his claws.

Images From: Bloody Disgusting Facebook Page, Untold SciFi Facebook Page, Horror Film Central Facebook Page