Eileen Gu Breaks Down Her Slopestyle Gold Medal Winning Run

Eileen Gu Breaks Down Her Slopestyle Gold Medal Winning Run

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Eileen Gu Breaks Down Her Slopestyle Gold Medal Winning Run


Eileen Gu: Freestyle Skiing – Red Bull Athlete Profile

^Eileen Gu. Courtesy: Red Bull Content Pool

Eileen Gu introduced herself to the professional freestyle scene earlier this year when she nabbed three medals in her X Games debut.

The 17-year-old phenom won gold medals in Superpipe and Slopestyle, and won a bronze medal in Big Air.

She participated in the X Games Xplained YouTube series by breaking down her gold medal winning slopestyle run with some excellent commentary on what was going through her head throughout the run.

It’s fascinating that she learned some of the tricks she pulled off  just days before the competition.

Gu also won the FIS World Championship titles in Slopestyle and Superpipe over the weekend. We’re probably going to see Eileen Gu appear on freestyle podiums for years to come.

X GamesBy winning Ski Slopestyle gold, X Games rookie Eileen Gu captured her third medal in the span of 22 hours at X Games Aspen 2021. She was the only woman skier in three disciplines at Aspen 2021 as well as the only rookie in a Ski discipline. The 17-year-old Gu, who represents China, also took both Big Air bronze and SuperPipe gold on Friday. Entering X Games Aspen 2021, Chinese athletes had collected 3 medals in the 26-year history of the event. Gu doubled China’s total X Games medal count in a weekend.

Gu grabbed the Slopestyle lead in Run 1 and never relinquished it. No one even came close on a day that featured a challenging course and challenging conditions. Her run was highlighted by the huge left alley-oop flatspin 720 Weddle grab she threw on the quarterpipe. Here, Gu recounts her Slopestyle experience at X Games for X Games Xplained!”

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