Adaptive Nordic Ski Sledge Demo Video

Adaptive Nordic Ski Sledge Demo Video


Adaptive Nordic Ski Sledge Demo Video


Really appreciating the engineering behind these adaptive cross country ski sledges by Tessier.  They are fully adjustable, enabling users to set seat height, angle and center of gravity position allowing for optimal comfort and efficiency. Constructed from high performance Aluminum ensures both durability and lightness. You have to request a quote to get a price on the ESKAIP Nordic Sledges (GO HERE):

Presentation of ESKAIP. The first fully adjustable cross country sledge.

– Adjustable settings: center of gravity, front and rear height, footrest.

– Brakes and pulka system available in option

– Compatible with many skis without drilling any holes in the skis.

– Light: from 3,5 kg / 7,7 lbs. Made of aircraft aluminium

– Compatible with Tessier alpine ski seats. Special Nordic seats soon also available.


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