Deep Days In The Wasatch with Noah Howell

Deep Days In The Wasatch with Noah Howell


Deep Days In The Wasatch with Noah Howell


“When I discovered backcountry skiing it was a eureka moment. I felt like I had found gold or the holy grail. Hiking up and skiing down snowy mountains was where I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to be doing. I wanted to share it with everyone, share how fucking fun this skiing thing is. I had found my religion and I was zealous about converting others. Last winter was a snowy one in the Wasatch, most days were boot to thigh deep powder days. I teamed up with my buddy Adam Clark on one of those days to try once again to capture and share what we love about those hallowed deep days.”

If you’ve ever felt the rewakening of being baptized by backcountry and turn into an evangelist you know how Black Diamond athlete Noah Howell felt after getting his first off-piste turns. Share his stoke and tag along as he explores the deepness of the Wasatch:


My skiing roots started at a place known by many on the eastern seaboard. Smuggler’s Notch, VT. Three mountains. Five two-seat fixed (…)

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