Squaw Scores Another Victory For Major Development Project

Squaw Scores Another Victory For Major Development Project


Squaw Scores Another Victory For Major Development Project


Squaw Valley won yet another victory in court last week as a Placer County judge denied the Sierra Watch’s attempt to block the major development project at the resort that’s almost ten years in the making.

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The plan, dubbed the Village at Squaw Valley Redevelopment aims to add a total of 1500 hotel, condominium and residential units as well as 90,000 square foot indoor recreation center that includes a water park. The project would also add more retail space.

Check out this video depicting the grandiose plan:

Squaw justifies the plan by stating that developments will take place on 90% “disturbed” land. This means that the bulk of the land slotted for development is already being utilized by Squaw for parking lots and various other purposes  They claim that the new developments will generate more year-round jobs, tax revenue, and add infrastructure to a community that needs it.

As you might imagine, this plan doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Sierra Watch is one of the main opponents to this plan. They claim that the environmental analysis behind the project is flawed, saying more cars in an already congested area will result in myriad of issues for Olympic Valley. Still, a great deal of money stands to be made off building out Squaw Valley’s village.

On August 15, a Placer County judge ruled in favor of Squaw dealing a serious Blow to Sierra Watch stating that the environmental research in question is accurate.

“Placer County Superior Court Judge Michael W. Jones ruled that the EIR adequately examined the regional and environmental impacts including traffic, greenhouse gas, noise and water impacts and emergency evacuations.” – Sierra Sun

Sierra Watch has plans to fight the ruling and they believe their team is “well positioned to appeal.” 

Find the Sierra Watch release here: Placer Court Give Developers Round One Victory in Squaw CEQA Challenge

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