Saving Oregon's Historic Santiam Pass Ski Lodge

Saving Oregon's Historic Santiam Pass Ski Lodge


Saving Oregon's Historic Santiam Pass Ski Lodge


A bit of Oregon’s mountain history is in very good hands with Dwight and Sue Sheets dedicated to preserving Santiam Pass Lodge for many generations to come.

KEZI9 reports the lodge was built by Civilian Conservation Corps in late 1930s and now sits vacant along Highway 20. When it was first constructed the lodge served as a place to relax or seek shelter for wintertime skiers and summertime hikers. It was then taken over by a church and used for camps until it was closed in the mid 80s.

The Sheets worked with the U.S. Forest Service on getting a permit to restore the lodge and surrounding grounds and after a long wait, they were finally notified by the district and regional rangers that the U.S. Forest Service approved the permit to make the renovations.

Included is overall making the overall structure sound, restoring the 75 windows, weatherproofing, opening the main and lower levels, restoring the wood floors, and adding public restrooms. The final bit will be the addition nature trails around the lodge, with information posts about the surrounding history and sights.

Construction on the lodge begins in June and are expected to be done in 3-5 years. Anyone interested in helping bring back the lodge can contact the Sheets through the Friends of Santiam Pass Ski Lodge Facebook page or website.

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