Ski towns are infamous for being well behind the times… but Blockbuster? Really?

If you live in Bend, OR the last mainland location of the once prominent movie rental chain is doing surprisingly well as the municipality grows beyond 90,000 people.

Being the last in the lower 48 (*there are still 6 stores still open in Alaska), Bend’s Blockbuster is actually attracting decent business, posting profits this last few years says Geekwire. Those profits are likely thanks to 80’s and 90’s kids whose nostalgia for movies like Chris Eliot’s ‘Cabin Boy’ can’t be sated on platforms such as Netflix.

Owner Ken Tisher told the Bend Bulletin that many of the old classics can’t be found on some of the new streaming services and when new releases debut– they are often too expensive to stream. The rental periods at Blockbuster remain three days compared to the 24 hour Redbox timeframe, and range from $1.99 for classic films to $3.99 for new releases. The candy– that’s gonna cost ya.

Find the entire Geekwire article here: Blockbuster’s last stand: Inside one of the iconic video rental chain’s final U.S. stores

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