VIDEO: Bison Return To Banff After 140 Year Absence

VIDEO: Bison Return To Banff After 140 Year Absence


VIDEO: Bison Return To Banff After 140 Year Absence


Image (+Cover Photo): Parks Canada

The prodigal sons of Banff return | Image (+Cover Photo): Parks Canada

After disappearing from the mountainous and high plains landscape of Alberta roughly 140 years prior, the prodigal wildlife of Canada has returned to Banff National Park.

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These Plains Bison are a part of a year-long project to bring back the “keystone” species to the landscape of western Alberta. All in all, 16 Bison were released into a small pasture in Panther Valley that lies within Banff National Park. By 2018, wildlife experts hope to allow those animals the opportunity to explore further into a nearly 463 sq. miles region.

“The restoration of bison to Banff will return a keystone species to the landscape, foster cultural reconnection, inspire discovery, and provide stewardship and learning opportunities.”Parks Canada

As a pilot project, experts will observe the herd’s progress and use that data to direct a plan for larger scale reintroduction.

Find the entire Parks Canada release here: Plains Bison have officially returned to Banff National Park


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