Drinking and drugging will teach you lots of lessons, one of which includes not smoking weed through a scuba tank after drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

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In a recent report by the Boston Leader, 27 year-old Michael Fitzpatrick lost his testicles after trying to create a home-made smoking device out of an old scuba tank. The process included using an air compressor to put pot smoke into the tank before using a regulator to inhale.

According to multiple reports, Fitzpatrick invited his buddies over to check out the ‘Scuba Bong,’ a name that is both inaccurate and sounds much too much like ‘Scuba Bomb,’ when the accident occurred. While attempting to attach the air compressor to the tank, the victim knocked over the tank causing an explosion that would send shrapnel into his groin, severing his balls clean off.

None of his friends were injured in the accident. 

The tank in question was fashioned in the early 90’s with a type of aluminum that is known for its capacity to rupture. However, the company that built the tank is unlikely to cover an insurance claim due to the victim’s use of the tank as a smoking device. Fitzgerald is still in the hospital and his condition has been downgraded from ‘critical’ to ‘serious.’

 *Our thoughts are with the victim

Find the entire Boston Leader article here: Boston Man Tries ‘To Fill Scuba Tank With Weed Smoke’; Loses Testicles

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