Check out the Smith Vantage, one of the most style oriented, lightest and most protective helmets on the market Smith Vantage Helmet | Unofficial Gear Review | Unofficial Networks

Smith Vantage Helmet | Unofficial Gear Review

Smith Vantage Helmet | Unofficial Gear Review


Smith Vantage Helmet | Unofficial Gear Review


smith vantage helmet

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If you’re in the market for a new brain bucket, the Smith Vantage might be just the helmet for you.  With streamlined styling, unparalleled venting, light weight, and adjustable BOA strap, this helmet serves as a helmet to end all helmets.


  • Helmet Style: Half Shell
  • Weight: 15.5 oz
  • Number Vents: 21
  • Removable Ear Pads: Yes

Area of Expertise:

  • Keeping you cool and safe no matter how hot you are

Life Span:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Smith Vantage is essentially the little brother of the Variant.  The style oriented, safety conscious, compatible with everything little brother.  It features a very similar design, but in a lighter version that is not as clumsy and bulky.

A favorite feature of the Smith helmets is their compatibility with the Smith I/O goggles (as well as other goggles from the Smith lineup).  Their regulator series produces a fog free skiing experience, no matter how big a temperature gradient there is between your hot head and the cold out doors.  Complement this airflow system with 21 vents and you’ll no doubt be staying cool.

 smith vantage

The Smith Vantage is a super light weight helmet.  This makes it perfect for backcountry skiing (and with the number of vents, you’ll be able to hike without the inconvenience of removing your helmet), but the helmet also excels in bounds.  It’s style will turn heads in the lift line and its safety will keep your head safe as you tomahawk under the chair line.

As always, Smith offers up the accessory features you’ve come to expect with an option for music compatible ear pads, removable ear pads for warm days, and integrated BOA adjustment system (a new wire tightening system that insures a custom fit with a simple turn of the dial in the back).  For a do it all helmet, check out the Smith Vantage ski helmet!

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