Squaw Valley & Alpine Closing Dates


gotta go til the end of April at least...

Here’s a press release straight from the horse’s mouth:
Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Scheduled to Stay Open Daily Through April 29

Resorts announce that Squaw and Alpine are scheduled to remain open daily through April 29, with Alpine to remain open Friday-Sunday through May 13, conditions permitting

[Olympic Valley and Tahoe City, Calif.] March 26, 2012 – In the midst of Miracle March, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have announced the resorts will stay open through the month of April, conditions permitting. Both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are scheduled to remain open daily for skiing and riding through April 29, and Alpine Meadows is also slated to stay open Friday through Sunday through May 13.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have received over 9 feet of snow since March 1, and even more snow is on the way this week. The continued snowfall has created a great base for spring skiing at both resorts – both of which are known for having incredible corn snow, brilliant blue skies and an amazing lineup of events throughout the spring season.

In addition to great skiing – Squaw and Alpine Meadows offer an unmatched spring skiing scene. Squaw Valley will be hosting pool parties every weekend this spring at the resort’s renowned mountaintop pool and hot tub. Free for all season pass holders and $14 for everyone else, the High Camp Pool and Hot Tub is nestled between Squaw’s magnificent peaks at elevation 8,200 feet with stunning views surrounding Sierra Nevada.

Across the ridgeline, skiers and riders can relax at Alpine Meadows’ Ice Bar, located at the bottom of Sherwood. Recognized as one of Tahoe’s most unique spots to gather with friends and catch a few rays of the Sierra’s famous sunshine, the Ice Bar is a springtime hotspot. Keep an eye out for Ice Bar parties scheduled throughout the season.

For those looking to get out there and enjoy some incredible spring conditions, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows’ 2012-13 season passes will offer free skiing and riding at both resorts starting April 1 through the close of the season. Passes are slated to go on sale on March 27, 2012.

  • Andy H

    Not that this hasn’t been an improvement but to call this Miracle March is a bit off…especially if it only nets us skiing untill the end of April, as lousy as this season has been we should still have skiing untill Memorial Day.
    Lame move to close early, even lamer to try to paint it as a gift.

    • weekend shredder

      ya ditto that dog. I am just wondering when northstar is shuttin the doors on my fav terrain in all of the lake. Just cant get enuf of the rad ass blue square terrain. hate on me if ya will homies, but I love my vail resorts. super double amped they bought kirkwood this season, now I can finally tackle that magestical black diamond terrain I hear them talking about in town. got my spring wax on sale today too down in the bay, and am soooooo stoked the roads will be clear to shoot on up for a legit as day trip. If northstar does end up being a bunch of knuckle heads and shutting before squallywood, you can recognize me drinking PBR in the parking lot with my core friends (that stands for Pabst Blue Ribbon btw, an award winning beer).

      Cheers this winter has been ALL TIME! Long live lookout!

  • coreshot

    good move! i think KSL knows that they sell more beer in the spring anyway. Its a long winter here…you just don’t know which months are gonna be good.

  • HaytinHater

    What happened to squaw stayin open til june? Fuckin pretend wannabee gape ass s ki ers slush and ice. Ill be skiing in tje tetons til july

    • greenmtskier

      perfect we will be in month 2 or 3 of mt biking have fun with that…when is jackson closing again..next week?…

    • Gay-pin pay-per

      Cool and after you’re mountain closes next weekend, just make sure and do us all a favor and ski the backcountry alone…Please!! I like how you post one comment where you try to be offensive (but you’re offensive like a mosquito) and when everyone starts ripping into you, you go into hiding and dont have anything else to say. You’re such a fucking pussy dude.

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