Dozens of teens were struck by lightning while trekking in Utah.
Dozens of teens were struck by lightning while trekking in Utah.

SEVIER COUNTY, Utah – Around 50 teens and children were shocked by lightning while participating in a trek with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints late last month. According to KSL, while no one appeared to be struck directly, seven teens experienced medical concerns and two were flown to Primary Children’s Hospital in Lehi with more serious symptoms.

“When the lightning struck, I think it was so powerful that it felt like a whole weight was put on our head, it felt like something hit us. But we were wearing hats and we think the metal on our hats attracted it” – Peyton Bailey, 14, who captured the incident on camera.

Several teens were thrown to the ground, some appearing to be unconscious and some appearing to seize. Parents and church leaders acted quick to help those on the ground, loading many into vehicles within just a few moments.

My mom and dad were also with a different company and they had a boy just completely fall down and his face was in dirt but my mom got all the dirt out of his face and he was OK. A lot of them were just shaken up and it became very cold, it’s raining a ton, so that was also another issue.” – 17-year-old Alyssa Rosquist

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