Evergreen, Colorado – We usually share sketchy interactions between dumb humans and annoyed animals, but this video is noticeably different.

In this video by Shira Moffatt, two kids are seen hanging out near a group of elk. One of the elk, hanging out on top of a small ridge above their driveway, is fascinated by a ball that the two boys were playing soccer with.

The end result is a game of catch. The kids smartly didn’t throw/kick the ball directly at the elk; rather, they threw it at a distance where the elk could run to it and play around. When the ball arrives in the elk’s direction, it shows off dribbling moves that would make Messi blush. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the elk attempted to stomp and headbutt the ball, which it does to capture small prey. After the elk fails to stomp it, the animal rolls the ball back down to the kids, restarting the cycle.

While elk are considered dangerous when interacting with humans, they will respect humans if you keep your distance. Click here to learn more from the Telluride Daily Planet about what to do went you’re near an elk.

Image/Video Credits: Shira Moffatt via Storyful, Gabe Pierce

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