Cow elk attacks in Estes Park prompt caution during calving season.
Cow elk attacks in Estes Park prompt caution during calving season.

Kara Van Hoos​e from Colorado Parks and Wildlife did an interview with CBS Colorado after an third cow elk attack in Estes Park in just over a week. Her explanation is simple and a warning to anyone in the area, its calving season and mother elk are extremely protective of their young while they vulnerable and can not move around.

The victims of the attacks include an adult woman was walking her dog on-leash, a 4-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl. Wildlife officials are calling the recent elk attacks in Estes Park “unprecedented” and have this message for the public:

“CPW is warning Estes Park residents and visitors to be extra cautious while outdoors until elk calving season ends. Late spring through early summer is considered calving season for elk and moose. Cow elk will commonly charge and chase any perceived threats to their newborns. Please give elk a wide berth to avoid conflicts. Pets should be kept on-leash at all times as cow elk can be especially aggressive towards dogs. 

Cow elk and cow moose have heightened protective instincts while their newborns are unable to move on their own. Always leave young wildlife alone. While a calf may be unattended, the cow is most likely nearby gathering food.”

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