Black bears rip up mock campsite.

OAKLAND, California – If you’ve ever doubted the guides for camping in bear country, let this video change your mind. The Oakland Zoo in California shared this video of black bears ripping up a campsite to demonstrate just how much damage they can do, and why you should listen to the concept of bear-proofing.

Is your campsite bear-proof? Here’s what happens if it isn’t! On Saturday we hosted our third annual Bear Camp event to celebrate National Black Bear Day. Guests watched the black bears destroy a mock campsite set up by their Keepers and learned how to be BEAR-ware while in bear country.   U.S Forest Service Rangers and Smokey Bear joined in on the day’s festivities.”

The Oakland Zoo has hosted this event for three years now, and it never gets any less entertaining.

If you are camping in black bear country, choose a site that’s away from dense vegetation, natural food areas, forest cover, or natural pathways, and make sure any scented items are hung 10 feet off the ground and at least 5 feet from the tree. Never keep any smelly items in your tent, including empty food wrappers, and keep any eating/cleaning/cooking 100 feet downwind from your tent. Make sure all food items are stored in a bear-proof containers, including garbage and cooking clothing. You can learn more about camping in bear country here.

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