Surfing helmet saves Kai Lenny's life.
Surfing helmet saves Kai Lenny's life.

“First time wearing a helmet at Pipeline and it may have saved my life.
I don’t remember much except that it was during my heat in the DaHui Backdoor Shootout and the lifeguards sat me down in a chair at the Beach Park. I have a solid concussion and some bleeding out of my left ear.” –
Kai Lenny

Not sure what the odds are of wearing a helmet for the first time after endless surf sessions at Pipeline and having it save your life but we are grateful Kai Lenny decided to throw on a bucket during his his heat in the 2024 DaHui Backdoor Shootout competition.

Kai suffered a concussion and bleeding out of his ear but judging by the state of the helmet after the impact, the outcome could have been far worse. We recommend wearing helmets while enjoying the mountains on our boards and skis and that extends to the water if you are getting gnarly. Glad Kai is okay and once again pushing the limits of what is possible on the ocean.

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