The Techni Ski in use.

The search for a well-functioning off-season alternative to skiing seems like it may never end. Roller skis are pretty solely designed for off-season cross country ski training, and those treaded grass skis that Warren Miller once featured don’t quite seem to do the trick. The retro Thomas Tecnhi Ski might’ve been the closest thing we’d ever get.

The Thomas Techni Ski, invented by Brooks Thomas, seems to function quite a lot like a longboard, aside from the fact that a rider faces forwards while going downhill. Riders took u-shaped turns down a sloped road, quite similar to a downhill carve skis. To stop, riders continue the turn until to device stops moving.

It’s honestly a sweet looking device. My biggest concern with something like that would be the potential for speed wobbles and the stopping capabilities. Speed wobbles, of course, being the wobbles a board like this might get while going to fast. But if you’re willing to send it, it could be pretty fire (definitely a helmet and elbow/knee pads requiring device).

There are a few available here and there on eBay, like this one for $81 and this one for $139.99.

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