Utah Division of Wildlife Resources rescues a fox from Lake Powell

LAKE POWELL, Utah – Officers with Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources rescued this fox from a rocky ledge on Lake Powell. The fox was visibly stuck between the lake and the rocks above.

Officers managed to get a rope around the fox while it was attempting to swim away from their boat, ensuring that the rope was around at least one leg to prevent choking.

Check out this amazing wildlife rescue! 🛟 A fox was stuck on a rocky ledge at Lake Powell, so our conservation officers jumped into action to help it. Watch to the end to see how we were able to get the fox to safety. 🦊

Remember, if you spot an animal in distress, whether it’s a full grown adult or a baby, do not assist. What we think of as help could easily be detrimental to the animal’s health and safety. Instead, if you truly believe the animal is in danger, contact your local wildlife offices and note the location of the animal.

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