Mystic Wakeboarding's 'A River Somewhere' takes the sport into an urban environment.

Let’s not be watching this video for any ideas. River dams and other industrial features can be pretty darn dangerous, so unless you’re a professional and no what you’re doing, don’t do this.

These guys take winch wakeboarding to a level I’m yet to see, using dam features, logs, and other unconventional builds to add a ton of creativity to this clip.

Who can resist the beauty of a hidden river? Or the rush of landing a trick while taking a few crashes along the way? We’re talking about that Aussie classic from ’97 with two golden seasons of travel, adventure, and fly-fishing. If you know, you know. So here’s our take on it. A River Somewhere––winch edition.

Just to be clear, ‘A River Somewhere’ was a documentary series that aired in 1997 and 1998. It followed Tom Gleisner and Rob Sitch as they fly fished in different locations, experiencing local cultures around the world. The Mystic Wakeboarding version doesn’t seem quite as in depth, but it’s pretty darn sweet.

The athletes featured throughout this video are Dom Hernler, Max Van Helvoort, Timo Kapl, and Lisa Baloo.

Mystic Wakeboarding’s ‘A River Somewhere’ takes the sport into an urban environment.

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