Every resort has them, inbound lines that you scope all season but hardly ever get filled in enough to ride…aka white whales. Frederik Kalbermatten had taken the cable car up at Saas-Fee Ski Resort in Switzerland with intention of doing some splitboarding but the planets had aligned and the opportunity presented itself to ride under the lift tower (an area that usually salt and pepper). Fredirik tossed his plans out the window and jumped on the chance. Here’s how he tells it:

“I was on my way up to the Britannia Hütte when I saw this little line. It hardly ever gets filled in enough to ride, because it sluffs itself, but on this afternoon, the snow looked so good, and the rocks so filled in that I couldn’t resist dropping in real quick.

All I had on me was my splitboard as I was heading to do a tour of Rimpfischhorn. It wasn’t ideal for the cliff drop at the bottom, but I guess the best snowboard is the one you have with you.”

Great takeaway here….the best snowboard is the one you have with you.

POV video:

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