A bear found its way into a tree in a Golden, CO neighborhood.

GOLDEN, Colorado – The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Northeast Region’s X account (formerly Twitter) shared one of the funniest post chains we’ve seen in a long time, documenting attempts to scare a bear away from a neighborhood near Colorado School of Mines.

The bear had apparently gotten its hands on some nearby garbage as a snack, climbing into a tree and falling asleep after the meal. Parks and Wildlife’s original plan was to wait for the bear to come down the tree, scaring it in hopes that it would not return to human-inhabited areas.

The bear did eventually come down, and the Parks and Wildlife employees did their best to scare it away. Unfortunately the animal decided to just head right back up a different tree.

So CPW took the next most obvious step. They tried to scare the bear out of the tree with a drone. That may have annoyed the animal a bit, but it still didn’t leave the tree. So they blared Black Sabbath at the beast, hoping that would get it to descend. As we all know, bears are massive Black Sabbath fans, so this guy just enjoyed the tunes and stayed put.

So yeah, keep your trash inside and listen to Colorado Parks and Wildlife when it comes to bear-proofing your home and neighborhood.

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