Packing for a backpacking trip can get overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Knowing what gear other’s have relied on for multi-day trips, and what they’ve liked, can make it a whole lot easier. You won’t be buying bad gear if you have confirmation that everything you’re buying is good gear.

Eric Hanson and his wife Kristi Rauckis spent multiple weeks hiking 85 miles through Peru. They had the opportunity to properly put gear to the test, so Eric put together a solid list of what gear he loved and what gear he hated while out on the trail. We think the list could be quite useful when you’re planning for your next hiking trip.

“My wife @kristirauckis traveled to the Andes of Peru to trek the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu and then to trek the lesser known Ausungate Trek around Cusco’s sacred Ausungate mountain. In total we hiked about 85 miles through rugged and beautiful mountain terrain that challenged us. Of all the backpacking gear we brought, some was great, some, not so much.”

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