DENVER, Colorado – A bill preventing big-rig truckers from entering the left hand lane on certain high-risk portions of I-70 is one step closer to becoming law in Colorado, as members of the house near-unanimously supported its passing.

According to Aspen Times, Senate Bill 100 would ban truckers from the far left lane in several portions of I-70, including Glenwood Canyon, Vail Pass, and Eisenhower Tunnel. The bill would additionally expand the number of locations where truckers are required to carry chains throughout the winter months.

Upon the bill’s passing, the Colorado Department of Transportation would also be required to look into the feasibility of banning truckers from certain roadways during snowstorms. The investigation would question whether the economic and safety impacts of commercial vehicle crashes during storms are greater than if they weren’t allowed on the road in the first place.

Avoidable crashes that happen on I-70 and in some of our mountain highways cause great safety risk to all Coloradans and visitors and also cause tremendous economic impacts to our state.” – Democratic Senator and Bill Sponsor Dylan Roberts

Though the Colorado State Senate already approved the bill in March, they will be asked to consider and vote on the changes made by the House. If the senate approves the changes, it will head to the Governor’s desk.

The full list of sections where truckers would be banned from the far left lane is as follows: Glenwood Canyon, Down Junction, Vail Pass, Eisenhower Tunnel, Georgetown Hill, and Floyd Hill. Truckers would still be allowed to pass through three lane portions of the roadway.

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Image Credit: Colorado Department of Transportation via Facebook

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