Direct Weather: A Cold October May Be On Its Way For The East Coast

If you’re anything like me, you love watching weather forecasts. It may start with some powder predictions or just trying figure out what temperature your upcoming ski weekend might be looking at, but it eventually grows into an obsession with knowing every single possibility for every single day in the coming week or weeks. Will it snow? Will it rain? Will it be hot? Will it be cold? How windy will it be? That all must be known.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately, if we’re against feeding our obsessions) Direct Weather has us covered with some pretty darn thorough weather forecast analysis. I don’t have enough knowledge to properly read and understand weather models, so I go to resources like Direct Weather, who explain it all to me.

It looks like it’s time for our friends on the East Coast to consider preparing for a cold late October. Direct Weather has all of that information and more in the below video.

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Image Credit: Direct Weather via YouTube

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