The longest off-piste ski trail in the world is Vallee Blanche in Chamonix, France. The run has a 2800 vertical meter/over 9000 feet drop. While it’s not the steepest terrain at Chamonix, there are challenges like hidden crevasses and serious avalanche risks. If you do ever try out this route, you should conquer it with a guide.

This spring, YouTuber The Slippery Slope took the trip to the top of Chamonix. The video tour includes the tricky walk down to the run, what skiing the trail is like, a stopover at an alpine hut that’s available for overnight stays, and the return to the base area.

The video, which is down below, features some great drone footage, along with a sobering reminder that Europe’s glaciers and snow are melting quickly, especially after this past winter.

Image/Video Credits: The Slippery Slope

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