This Is The Coolest Snow-Skate Ever Created

This Is The Coolest Snow-Skate Ever Created


This Is The Coolest Snow-Skate Ever Created


Not gonna ruin this by over explainign…just press play and watch the dude pop a 360 flip off the bat and then read on:

Its called the SLEDE, its from Finland and pretty next level. Basically four mini-snowboards on trucks that flex like a skateboard’s, allowing the clearance and mobility to toss tricks like you would on pavement.  The IndieGoGo campaign is just getting started and they need 500 orders to get off the ground. If you like this and know others who would as well make sure to share. Not cheap ($320)but could be worth it to the right customer. Here’s the pitch:

Give a try to a new sport in snow!

  • We are a small company in Finland passionate about winter sports!
  • We are bringing a new snowskate in the market that is a game changer with its usability.
  • We need pre orders for next season and offer a good price for early birds.
  • Do you want to learn a new sport that is both soft and extreme according to your choice.

You will get your perk in any case

  • We need a minimum 500 orders to bring our product to wider market. In exchange we offer a tested and ready product under a market price. What we need to still do is get our skis industrial level and then possible to scale large. Here your funding comes in to help us.
  • Here is your chance to pioneer a really cool vehicle that makes local sledge hill a place of fun! It works on many surfaces with our changeable blades whether you like bombing a hill or just enjoy cruising. You can perform skateboard tricks if you like.
  • The Nicest thing here is that we will give you a vehicle anyway, even not reaching our goal. Only difference is the skis that will be handmade like we did until now! And they are good in quality! Handmade skis are just so laborious that we want to bring a model that is suitable for resale in the future.

Why do we need funding?

Our challenge is that we are small and we make it high quality by our own hands. That means we cannot offer this yet for a bigger market or it would be too expensive for many people that would love to use it.

  • We have contacts in the industry that can make these skis in an industrial way. In Finland we have a skill and tradition.
  • Our solution to go over this mountain is to have an order big enough that makes it possible to develop a ski that is as good as our handmade proto, but still fair in price.
  • We have product ready and IPR- rights for it  and we need your support to make our product available to as many people as possible.


Do you know a person who would love this?

Instead of you, there is sure to be a friend and family who would like to try this new hobby!

  • Share our campaign to all people you think that would like it! Indiegogo has many sharing tools as well!
  • Remember someone special with a gift that brings them outdoor joy. Our product is unique and attracts positive attention wherever you go!


If you want to know more about our product or just listen funny Finnish accent, watch this video:

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