YETI Recalls 2 Million Coolers

YETI Recalls 2 Million Coolers


YETI Recalls 2 Million Coolers


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YETI, the popular cooler brand, has a major recall issue on their hands.

The company is recalling 1.9 million coolers due to a magnet ingestion hazard”.

The models being recalled are as follows: YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler 1.0 and 2.0, Hopper M20 Soft Backpack Cooler and SideKick Dry Gear Case.

Here’s more from The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission:

“The magnet-lined closures can fail and result in detached magnets, posing a risk of serious injury or death if ingested.

When two or more high-powered magnets are swallowed, the ingested magnets can attract to each other, or to another metal object, and become lodged in the digestive system. This can result in perforations, twisting and/or blockage of the intestines, infection, blood poisoning and death.”

Recalled YETI Hopper M30 1.0 – Soft Cooler in Charcoal color

^Recalled YETI Hopper M30 1.0 – Soft Cooler in Charcoal color

All consumers who own these products are encouraged to stop using them immediately. You can go to to return your cooler free of charge to receive a full replacement or refund plus a $25 gift card.

You can read the full report here.

Thank goodness YETI is only recalling their soft coolers.

Can you imagine how many frat bros, parking lot tailgate heroes, and fishermen would be out of a cooler if they recalled the hard shell products?

Also, what would girls on the beach sit on for their Instagram pictures?! (Do girls still do that? I might have just shown my age…)

Featured Image Credit: YETI

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