Pro Skier Posts Picture Of Naturally Occurring... Boobs?

Pro Skier Posts Picture Of Naturally Occurring... Boobs?

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Pro Skier Posts Picture Of Naturally Occurring... Boobs?


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Welcome to 2023.

It’s unofficially my job to scour the internet for interesting content related to skiing and snowboarding, and the picture below posted by Sammy Carlson to Instagram is well… amazing…?

You’ve already seen the image above, but check out the post below by Carlson followed by comments left by some of the top names in skiing.

It turns out that I’m the only one fascinated by this oddity:

jamieanderson: “Love this! ❤️”

travisrice: “Nice Butt Cheeks Samwise-!!”

amieski: “😍😍😍”

I want to make a bunch of crude jokes, but I’m above that now.

I don’t succumb anymore to low-level humor about boobs, butts, or anything else that could be considered even the tiniest bit taboo.

I’m unofficially a straight-laced Journalist with a capital ‘J’.

Ah. Who am I kidding. These jokes practically write themselves:

  1. Climate change would have been solved yesterday if all dwindling snowpack and glaciers looked like boobs.
  2. I guess Mother Nature is showing her skin this year.
  3. These are the only boobies that a ‘bomb shell’ would actually make smaller, not bigger.
  4. The American Cancer society just received an influx of donations for Breast Cancer Research from places like Denver, SLC, Seattle, and Lake Tahoe. Wonder why?
  5. Weird Al just wrote a parody of that Grateful Dead song. ‘Boobies On The Mountain’ is set to be his greatest hit since ‘White And Nerdy.’
  6. Great image, but should it be flagged as the first ever NSFW picture of a mountain? Maybe.

Thank you for reading those bad jokes. I could go on all day long, but I’ll spare you any further misery…😂

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