French Ski Resort Workers Are Planning To Strike

French Ski Resort Workers Are Planning To Strike

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French Ski Resort Workers Are Planning To Strike


If you’re going on a ski trip to France in the near future, you may want to monitor this situation. The Connexion reports that two ski lift unions in France are preparing to strike at the end of the month. The strike would happen on January 31st, which is close to when the half-term school break starts for many in the country. The two unions are the Force Ouvrière and the CGT (confédération générale du travail). This strike would also include seasonal workers.

The potential strike is in order to try to stop the proposed changes to the pension system. The French government is considering raising the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64. Additionally, union workers want higher wages and unemployment insurance for seasonal workers. The strike date would be January 31st (nationwide demonstrations are planned that day), unspecified dates in February (if their demands are not met), and during the World Cup in Courchevel from March 16 to 20.

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