Blue Fireball Illuminates Alaskan Sky (Video)

Blue Fireball Illuminates Alaskan Sky (Video)


Blue Fireball Illuminates Alaskan Sky (Video)


A meteor was spotted burning bright over Anchorage, Alaska at 5:47AM local time yesterday morning.

Multiple security cams across town captured the meteor exploding and causing a fireball to light up the night sky with a vibrant bluish hue.

The fireball was spotted just hours after the Winter Solstice.

Check out some of the best clips of the blueish fireball below:

According to, Earth is currently passing through “the dusty material shed by comet 8P/Tuttle, which circles the sun in a 13.6-year orbit and is not due to return until March 2035,”.

It is known as the Ursid Meteor Shower.

Here’s more about the Ursid Meteor Shower from

“The Ursids (sometimes also referred to as the “Umids”) are so named because they appear to fan out from the vicinity of the bright orange star Kochab, in the constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear.

Kochab is the brighter of the two outer stars in the bowl of the Little Dipper (the other being Pherkad), that seem to march in a circle like sentries around Polaris, the North Star.

The fact that Kochab is positioned so near to the north pole of the sky means that it never sets for most viewers in the Northern Hemisphere.

And since the Ursids seem to fan out from this particular region of the sky, means that you can look for these medium-speed meteors all through the night if you care to. The fact that they reach their peak during the overnight hours of Dec. 22-23 is also good news regarding the moon.”


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