Gondola Cabin At Quebec Ski Resort Falls To The Ground

Gondola Cabin At Quebec Ski Resort Falls To The Ground

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Gondola Cabin At Quebec Ski Resort Falls To The Ground


Are gondola cabins supposed to do trust falls? The struggles for Mont-Sainte-Anne continue, as one of their gondola cabins unhooked from the haul rope and collapsed to the ground. IBC Radio reports that the gondola cabin slipped on the haul rope, and then unhooked on the descent side of the lift. An inspection procedure is being done by the ski resort to diagnose the full cause of the detachment.

Luckily, no one was on the gondola at the time of the incident, as it occurred before the lift opened to the public. Hundreds of people were waiting for the lift to open, and it left them questioning whether it is still worth shredding there due to safety concerns. The main mountain at the ski resort was shut down through the rest of the weekend, while its beginner slopes remained open.

Agnès Maltais, who is the minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region of Quebec, gave the following statement to the Radio Canada:

“Enough is enough. How long will the government let an operator endanger citizens? In two years, this operator, RCR [Resorts of the Candian Rockies], still hasn’t made the necessary changes [and done] the maintenance. People’s lives are in danger.”

The Quebec ski resort has struggled in recent seasons. A lack of investments at the ski resort has led to maintenance problems, especially with their gondola. In February 2020, the Mont-Sainte-Anne gondola rapidly stopped, resulting in twenty people ending up in the hospital.

An official statement from Mont-Sainte-Anne is below.

Sounds like it’s time for new ownership at Mont-Sainte-Anne. Good thing that there’s a ski resort in Quebec that’s willing to purchase it: Le Massif. For now, the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, which owns Mont-Sainte-Anne, is refusing to sell it. You can read more about that sale offer here.

Image Credits: Mont-Sainte-Anne, Radio Canada

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