A little less than a year ago, French skier Sam Favret dropped his short film “FLOW” to YouTube. It’s a gorgeous movie, taking place entirely on Chamonix while it remained closed in the winter of 2021. It highlight the open, lonely landscapes of the closed resort through wide, sweeping drone shots that are, in some cases, a bit disorientating. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out, it’s worth a watch.

WOLF“, Favret’s newest film dropped on November 2nd, acts as a sequel to “FLOW“. In a way, it feels like the opposite to the older film, holding on to a black and white color scheme throughout. Rather than highlighting the emptiness of the pandemic, it forces us to consider the positives that did come through during the winter of 2021.

I, personally, find that ski films often try too hard to be artistic and, rather than coming off as cool or retrospective, they just feel cheesy and silly. Both “FLOW” and “WOLF” don’t seem like that, and with the two combined, viewers get an even more complete and fascinating viewing experience.

“WOLF is an unofficial sequel to FLOW, a film made during the pandemic in Chamonix. The yin and the yang. Less mechanical, and more poetic. Where FLOW praised a return to nature in its wild state, WOLF is the introspection of a skier searching for himself. It is abstract, like a visual concept, with a commitment to black and white.” – blackcrows via Press Release

Image Credit: black crows skis via YouTube