Red Bull released a mini documentary about the first skis that are believed to have been made 5000 years ago.

The doc shows pro skier Paddy Graham using traditional cross country skis, and commentary provided by Swedish ski racer Jon Olsson.

The best part of the video is the seeing the frozen bogs and swamps of Sweden that the Sámi people used the first skis to travel across.

Good stuff.

Red Bull: “The origins of skiing trace back to over 8,000 years ago, when skis were used as a form of transportation and a way of survival to navigate the cold regions of the world.

With world class free skier Paddy Graham, we head up to Sweden to look at the fascinating history of skiing, including how the Norwegian army turned it into a competitive sport.”

Image Credit: Paddy Graham performs in Arlberg, Austria on February 11, 2019. // Pally Learmond / Red Bull Content Pool // SI201912120060 //

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