Creating and growing a business is not an easy task (not that I’ve experienced it myself, but I can still say that pretty confidently). On top of that, creating and growing a business in a market that’s already packed with big players, like the ski market, is even more difficult. That, however, hasn’t stopped Creighton Elinski of Hinterland Skis from fighting his way into the industry, and Good Morning America (GMA) highlighted his work and success earlier this month, so we thought we’d share it.

Alright, to be completely honest, this is not the best news segment ever. In fact, I’d actually say it’s a bit painful to watch, as the folks at GMA seem to be trying so hard to make it not seem like an advertisement for GoDaddy when it so clearly is. But those aspects should not stand as anything against Hinterland Skis.

I’ve never skied on Hinterland Skis, so I can’t provide an honest review of how they feel or how they ski, but I can tell you that this company seems to be doing things right. First of all, their focus is on making high quality, handcrafted skis right here in the United States. Are they the only company to do that? No, but they still seem to be doing it right.

“If there’s a step we can add to make the ski more durable, more fun or better looking, we add it. We firmly believe that every single feature of every single ski has a reason and a purpose in the way that its built; none of which are to raise our profit margin. Hinterland is driven by quality and performance and is determined to offer well built, long-lasting products.” Hinterland Skis

Now, again, I don’t know how these skis actually feel, but I can tell you they look sweet. Personally, I’m a fan of very simplistic top sheets. Maybe a few different colors, maybe a small design, but, in general, quite simple. Hinterland has mastered that, focusing on the beauty of the wood the skis are built from. Any art is simple, just black or white, and acts only to compliment the grain and knots already featured on the sticks.

I highly encourage you to at least give Hinterland a peak if you’re looking to pick up new skis.

Image Credit: Hinterland Skis on Instagram