The video below shows around a dozen polar bears feasting on the remains of a whale carcass near Kaktovik, Alaska. Kaktovik is a small town located in the far north of Alaska on Barter Island.

The town has become a place for tourists to view polar bears as the native Inupiat are permitted to kill three bowhead whales per year.

After the whales are fleshed for consumption, the carcasses are left on the outskirts of town for the local polar bear population to feast on.

Check it out:

Climate change has caused polar bears to venture further south as there are fewer ice barges for them travel on throughout the Arctic Circle.

Because of this, some officials estimate that there are more polar bears on Barter Island in the fall than people who live in Kaktovik (around 280).

More than 1000 tourists travel to Kaktovik each September to watch the polar bear population feast on the bowhead whale remains left by the Inupiat.

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