This paraglider had the scare of a lifetime when a small aircraft nearly ran into the winch line below him in Sweden back in 2013. You can see the plane come out of nowhere and the paraglider audibly gasp and he braces for the worst.

That must have felt like the epitome of “sketchy”.

A report from from the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority had this to say about the incident:

“”An aircraft of the model SAAB MFI 15 took off from Sundbro, Uppsala, for a VFR flight to Johannisberg, Västerås. Shortly thereafter began winching of a paraglider from Härkeberga, located along the aircraft’s route. At the final stage of the winching, at about 350 meters altitude, the paraglider pilot saw an airplane coming straight at him at a slightly lower altitude. The aircraft passed below the paraglider a few seconds later without colliding. The height difference was estimated by the paraglider pilot to about 50 feet and the distance to the line was 1 to 3 meters. The pilot of the aircraft never perceived the event. The map data that the pilot
used – and which is the most widely used in general aviation – had no special marking of the paragliding activities at Härkeberga. Neither the paraglider nor the aircraft flew at altitudes implying contact with controlled airspace…”

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