Try to imagine this: you’ve just finished a long day of kayaking. Maybe you were just kayaking around a bay by yourself, maybe you went to spend the day out on an island, or maybe you were doing some kayak fishing. Your arms are spent, your back is hurting, and you’re just all around wiped. It’s time for a good swim, shower, or maybe just a long nap. But you’ve forgotten something, something very important that very few of us want to deal with. You gotta get your kayak from the water, whether it’s the ocean or a lake, to your car, and the parking lot is still a good couple hundred feet away.

Oh, the pain! Dragging that boat will make your arms hurt the whole way and it’ll make your back feel so much worse! Or, you could just toss it onto the Thang.

What is the Thang? Well, it’s a motorized kayak cart, and if you’re a massive kayaker, it could have the potential to change your life. Basically, you just toss your kayak on top of the Thang and get rolling, controlling it with a bluetooth connection to an app on your phone. Also, you can password lock it, so someone can’t just come up and start using it if they have the app as well.

The Thang is currently out of stock, but when it returns, you can purchase it for $1,550. There’s also a Tailgate Thang, equipped with an 80-quart bucket for all your beer and beach day essentials. That version is also totally sold out, but when it returns, you can make it yours for $1,650.

Image Credit: Thang via Facebook