I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of history. Not just the history of the United States or the history of Europe, but the history of the world, the history that isn’t taught enough in high school history classes. If I’m going on vacation somewhere, I want to learn the history of that place. You could go to a museum, or you could just read a book, but, sometimes, actually going to places of historical value is the only way to scratch that itch. Man, does this 68-mile trail in Mexico seem like the way to scratch that itch.

Camino del Mayab (the Maya Way), is, according to Mexico Daily Post, Mexico’s first long distance trial. Located west of Cancún, the trial is built off of ancient walking paths and defunct railroads, connecting multiple significant historical sites through the small community of Dzoyaxché to the great excavated ruins of Mayapán. The route takes three days on bike or five days on foot, but it wasn’t built just for the travelers.

“The main goal of Camino del Mayab is to protect the culture, history, and heritage of the Maya communities—all things in danger of being lost. Camino del Mayab is a project that’s not just for tourists, it’s a project for all of the people in all of the communities.” – Director of EcoGuerreros Alberto Gabriel Gutiérrez Cervera

Altogether, this seems like a wicked cool experience. I don’t know if I’ll be finding myself in Mexico anytime soon (I try to save my vacations for ski trips and pretty much just ski trips), but if I do end up there, I’m defintely going to seek out these trails.

Image Credit: Camino del Mayab on Facebook & Camino del Mayab