The Best Meme About Yellowstone National Park EVER

The Best Meme About Yellowstone National Park EVER


The Best Meme About Yellowstone National Park EVER


Yellowstone's East Entrance Set To Open | Montana Public Radio

Yellowstone attracts a certain breed of people that wish for their untimely demise to come at hands of wild animals that inhabit the park.

Whether it’s people taking selfies with elk, a dad and his daughter getting gored by a bison, or a group of tourists pulling over to get a closer look at wild grizzly bears, there’s simply no end to the madness.

I think psychologists need to do a study on the brains of tourists that visit Yellowstone. I believe that something happens physiologically to make them act so stupidly in the park.

Anyways, the meme below is perfect for describing how ignorant these tourists are. It seems like Charles Darwin’s theory on natural selection can be observed happening in real time.

I thought you loyal readers here at Unofficial Networks would get a kick out of it. Enjoy, and feel free to share it with a friend that’s most likely to try to tickle a bison’s butt…

May be a cartoon of text that says 'VELLOWSIONE TMES Rubes app! at "Ooh, look! .They're expecting a record number of first-time visitors. It should be an excellent weekend for natural selecting!"'

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